We never ask about our egg count during our teenage years. If something, we do our best so those eggs keep falling, making sure we’re not pregnant.

For years we make every effort to incorporate our periods into our lives, treating them like a ghost that visits once a month. We try to ignore their presence, their smell, and try to minimize how annoying they are. But then, a day comes when you realize each time you get your period, you’re one step closer to infertility. Then, something clicks and you wonder: ‘How many left?’

Periods are suddenly lived differently when you reach the age considered biologically ‘old’.

One day, I decided to pay tribute to this step closer to infertility. Although I’m not grieving the chance of pregnancy, I do want to document this transition into a periodless life that’s getting closer and closer every month and celebrate its significance after years of straight up biological ostracism.

This is an ongoing project that will probably finish the day that I have no period to document.

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